Saturday, March 14, 2015

About the Author...

Just to clarify... As you can see by my google name YeshuaJeusIsLord777, I am a born-again Christian. These fictional stories loosely based on a real time period in my life as a teenager are stories I found in storage I have written, and will be copying as posts for readers. My friends then and now, even in ministry, have always suggested I publish my stories. The first story "How it all started" is nothing like the stories to's just to bring reader's up to speed with the who, what, where of my stories I will start copying to this blog. To give you an idea of what to expect, they are kinda sorta similar to the Charlie the Unicorn cartoons on youtube, or an LSD trip... For other Christians, just a FYI. These are not stories offensive to the Christian faith or the Lord that will be posted. I was saved during this time of my life in high school, but struggled to let go of the addictions until I dealt with them as a sin of idolatry. And even in my messed up state, somehow God used me to lead other messed up teens I got high with to Salvation and deliverance through Jesus the Christ.

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