Sunday, March 15, 2015

Reality Check

The other day I was talking with my best friend Traves (the real Traves not his character in one of the stories). We were talking about this blog and I said something that led me up to saying "Oh because, remember that one time Pat looked into the Tiki Shack Cafe while Michele was in there making coffee and said "EEEEEEEEEEEWWW! You're groooooooss!!! Jerry and I are calling you gross Michele from now on. And I hate your face sooo much, you disgust me!" I told you about it, or were you there?" And he thought about it for a while then said " this real or is this one of your stories you wrote? Holy s**t I don't know what's real anymore because of you!!!"

So, to make this a little more interesting for readers....

Remember these are FICTIONAL stories based on REAL stories and time periods of my life. Some parts of all of my stories are always actual events in my real life outside the story. And some parts are pure fiction. Some characters in the stories are real people who are still alive today. Some characters do not exist at all outside of the stories. Try to figure out what parts of the stories were real events or quotes from real conversations in my life, and not a part of the fictional story. Seven times a year I will randomly select 1 EVENT and 1 CONVERSATION from the stories you have read here and tell you if they are FACT or FICTION.

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